Friday, April 30, 2010

Arizona Common Sense-Colorado Craziness

Right off the bat, two facts.

First, Arizonians have the right to pass laws to address their issues and protect their state.

Second, the "objectionable" Arizona law stems from the Federal government's failure to address the issue of immigration.

So, the Arizonians did it themselves. Oh and by the way, 70 percent of Arizonians approve of the new law!

All of the complainers who live in San Francisco, Denver et al don't have their lives and property being overrun by drug smugglers, drug gangs and illegal immigrants.

Sounds like common sense to me.

But, here in Denver, the crazies rule. Denver Public Schools announced on Thursday a prohibition on work related travel to Arizona.

I am already giggling. Here's the full story.

Really. First, DPS is broke and teachers/administrators should not be conferencing in Arizona. Do it here on the internet. Second, since when does a public school district get involved in law making? Third, spend your time and effort educating the children in your schools.

Finally, must I remind the well-intentioned yet misguided DPS officials that being an illegal immigrant is against the law?

Sounds like craziness to me.

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Anonymous said...

We need to enforce the law! I don't understand folks who want law-breakers to run rampant.