Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Colorado's Marriage "Lite"

Colorado has a determined and well-financed homosexual community.

Led by gizillionaire software designer Tim Gill and State Senator Jennifer Veiga, Colorado homosexuals continue to chip away the the public will. Three years ago, Colorado voters tweeked the ears of homosexual zealots by passing Amendment 23, which defined marriage as an exclusive relationship between a man and a woman. The "two-fer" was completed with the simultaneous voter rejection of Proposition I, the civil union flat tire.

Well, they're back and they haven't read the public memo of three years ago

Led by State Senator Jennifer Veiga, State Senate bill 88 would require the state to pay insurance for the partners of unmarried adult couples. Here is the story of the latest saga.

Am I the only one who sees this as obtuse? Why would the the state pay these bills? Is it truly a matter of fairness or simply another scam to dupe Coloradans? I'll vote for the later. Colorado voters made it clear that this type of monkey business is not a state priority. With tight budgets and a lack of funds, there is no way this bill should see the light of day.

A Trojan horse? You bet. Its Colorado marriage "lite."

Monday, February 23, 2009

Homosexual Rights Bill Gains Steam in Colorado Legislature

A bill working its way through the Colorado State Legislature which would grant homosexuals additional legal benefits is gaining steam.

Three years ago, Coloradans soundly defeated a state ballot measure that would have dispensed these benefits to unmarried couples, such as: inheriting property, hospital visitation, funeral arrangements, etc.

This bill is a trojan horse designed to circumvent the will of Colorado voters and give civil union rights to homosexual couples.

Here is the story...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pope Benedict XVI Lowers the Abortion Boom...

Pope Benedict minces no words with this statement.

From Washington DC to our Colorado state capital, Catholic politicians who take their faith seriously, are uncomfortable today.

For many of these politicians, their faith stops at the doorstep of their politics. This inconsistency of faith and their actions in the public square has directly contributed by association to the deaths of nearly 40 million and counting unborn Americans.

Someday, this bill will come due.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Movie Ideas-Spice Things Up

These are good ones for a romantic night....


Be Safe But Let's Be Realistic Too

Most Coloradans remember the night-marish events here in our state involving teenagers and guns. Without a doubt, our state has had its share of tragedies: the Columbine massacre; the Platte River High School Shootings; and the tragic shootings at YWAM and at New Life Church in Colorado Springs.

Understandably, new laws were passed to hoepfully prevent these tragedies from occuring again.

Earlier this week comes a splash of reality. Marie Morrow, a 17 year old senior was bounced from her high school for having a facsimile gun in her car that she used for drill practice with the Douglas County Young Marines drill team. Here's the story.

Apparently, someone spied the gun in her car and informed school authorities. Under current state law prohibiting any gun possession on public school grounds, Miss Morrow was expelled.

This story underscores the rigidity of current law. Understandably, no one wants a repeat of more school gun tragedies.

The higher ground of reason here demands a modification of this current law, allowing school authorities to make a more accurate decision once all of the information is gathered by officials.

Guns are not evil in of themselves. Its the criminals who used them for evil purposese. Marie Morrow is no criminal but simply a young lady who works hard and who happens to command a group of exemplary teenagers who drill with facsimile guns.

Let's change this law and not punish the innocent.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Your Tax Dollars Funding Abortion Overseas

"Change that we can believe in?" I think not. Barack Obama has already stained his administration by refunding overseas abortion services. In comparison to many nations, America has some of the most liberal abortion laws. The President's actions have given us a notorious new export: abortions.

The U.S. may be divided on the subject of abortion but not on funding it. Despite President Obama's incredible popularity, the honeymoon is already over on social issues. Gallup has found widespread opposition to the President's decision to repeal the Mexico City policy. Only 35 percent of those surveyed said they agreed with the decision to allow taxpayer funding for overseas groups who promote abortion.

Americans aren't the only ones disturbed by the shift. Countries across Latin America have lashed out at the new White House for contaminating their laws with anti-life policies. Congresswoman Martha Lorena de Casco of Honduras said she felt "sorrow" that one of the President's first acts was to threaten her country's pro-life law. Representatives from Argentina, El Salvador, and other countries echoed de Casco encouraging Americans to follow their example and respect the right to life in national law. As I've said before, President Obama's election was the result of an economic mandate, not a social one. The further he deviates from that mandate, the more likely he is to lose it.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Catholics Nail Obama on Abortion

You will want to see this ad by our Catholic friends.

Abstinence Is Best

There is a tragic story in today's Rocky Mountain News (dtd 2-2-2009). It chronicles the tragedy of a 16 year old teen named Ashley Ryburn.

Ashley is desperately ill. She is losing her hair, she passes out when her blood pressure plummets and she is nauseous. She had not turned ill until she received her first injections of Gardasil, a medication designed to prevent cervical cancer. While there is no definite connection yet between Ashley's mysterious ailments and these shots, one has to suspect a smoking gun.

According to Joni Reynolds, immunization director for Colorado's Department of Public Health and the Environment, our state has not had reports of any serious reactions to the vaccine. Still, Ashley is sick, possibly of a shot reaction.

We live in a culture where a populist attitude exists-we hope to tempt fate and conquer consequences of unnatural practices with a shot or a pill. Unfortunately, the natural laws of this world are not often trumped.

God designed sex as a monogamous act between a husband and wife. Its practice outside of these boundaries leads to disease, unwanted pregnancies and heartache.
The bottom line today is that if you have sex with someone other than your spouse, you risk infection by a host of of nasty sexually transmitted bugs.

We will pray that God will heal Ashley. Her tragedy is a clarion call for parents to help their kids practice abstinence instead of a shot as the best way to stay healthy.