Friday, February 13, 2009

Be Safe But Let's Be Realistic Too

Most Coloradans remember the night-marish events here in our state involving teenagers and guns. Without a doubt, our state has had its share of tragedies: the Columbine massacre; the Platte River High School Shootings; and the tragic shootings at YWAM and at New Life Church in Colorado Springs.

Understandably, new laws were passed to hoepfully prevent these tragedies from occuring again.

Earlier this week comes a splash of reality. Marie Morrow, a 17 year old senior was bounced from her high school for having a facsimile gun in her car that she used for drill practice with the Douglas County Young Marines drill team. Here's the story.

Apparently, someone spied the gun in her car and informed school authorities. Under current state law prohibiting any gun possession on public school grounds, Miss Morrow was expelled.

This story underscores the rigidity of current law. Understandably, no one wants a repeat of more school gun tragedies.

The higher ground of reason here demands a modification of this current law, allowing school authorities to make a more accurate decision once all of the information is gathered by officials.

Guns are not evil in of themselves. Its the criminals who used them for evil purposese. Marie Morrow is no criminal but simply a young lady who works hard and who happens to command a group of exemplary teenagers who drill with facsimile guns.

Let's change this law and not punish the innocent.

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