Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Your Tax Dollars Funding Abortion Overseas

"Change that we can believe in?" I think not. Barack Obama has already stained his administration by refunding overseas abortion services. In comparison to many nations, America has some of the most liberal abortion laws. The President's actions have given us a notorious new export: abortions.

The U.S. may be divided on the subject of abortion but not on funding it. Despite President Obama's incredible popularity, the honeymoon is already over on social issues. Gallup has found widespread opposition to the President's decision to repeal the Mexico City policy. Only 35 percent of those surveyed said they agreed with the decision to allow taxpayer funding for overseas groups who promote abortion.

Americans aren't the only ones disturbed by the shift. Countries across Latin America have lashed out at the new White House for contaminating their laws with anti-life policies. Congresswoman Martha Lorena de Casco of Honduras said she felt "sorrow" that one of the President's first acts was to threaten her country's pro-life law. Representatives from Argentina, El Salvador, and other countries echoed de Casco encouraging Americans to follow their example and respect the right to life in national law. As I've said before, President Obama's election was the result of an economic mandate, not a social one. The further he deviates from that mandate, the more likely he is to lose it.

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