Thursday, January 29, 2009

Feeding the Pig-Why this Stimulus Bill Hurts Families

The "pig" is oinking! The porker that I am referring to is our government and its increasing demand for your money.

Everyone knows that our economy is in tough shape right now but the current "stimulus" plan by President Obama is a porker!

Rep. Mike Pence, one of the brightest and smartest conservatives in Congress, hit the nail on the head yesterday: "Democrats have offered a purely partisan bill that does not incorporate bipartisan recommendations. The American people know that the president's call for a compromise has been completely ignored by House Democrats who would use a time of national economic crisis to fund their big government priorities under the guise of stimulating the economy."

Obama has a fire on his flank in Congress. While the President talks a good game of cooperation, his buddies in Congress are on the warpath.

Conservative, pro-life, pro-family Americans (which is the majority) must be cautious right now. Don't be fooled and buy into feeding the pig!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama's First Day of "Hope and Change"

If day one is any indication, we are in for a long four years of Barack Obama.

On Monday of this week, the White House web site, spoke of President Bush's priorities of the right to life, lower taxes and the sanctity of marriage.

By Wednesday, the site had changed. Now, proudly announces Barack Obama's "change we can all believe in"- abortion on demand, civil union rights and privileges equal to those who marry, and higher taxes on families and businesses.

Elections have consequences.

Check it out here.

I can't wait to see what the following days will bring.

Bring on more hope and change!

Graciousness vs. Lack of Class-Prayers of Rick Warren and Jospeh Lowery

Pastor Rick Warren and Pastor Joseph Lowery offered very different prayers at the Obama inauguration earlier this week.

Their prayers could not have been different.

Castigated by the liberal media as a bigot and homophobe, Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church in California offered a gracious God-centered prayer, invoking blessings upon Obama and his new administration. See the entire prayer here.

On the other hand, the Reverend Joseph Lowery, champion of Civil Rights fame, hit a foul ball. At the end of his prayer, Lowery could not resist playing the race card with a little poem- "we ask you to help us work for the day when black will not be asked to get in the back, when brown can stick around, when yellow becomes mellow, when the red man can get ahead man, and when white will embrace what is right."

Awful and without class. Read the entire prayer here.

The first mixed race American has become the 44th president of the United States. Our prayers for him should be ones of unity not separation into race classes.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Barack Obama- Believer in Homosexual Marriage

Barack Obama is threading the eye of the needle right now.

On the one hand, he has invited Rick Warren to give his inaugural invocation, and yet he dances with Gene Robinson, the divisive homosexual Episcopalian bishop from New Hampshire.

Eventually, he will have to land on one side of the fence or the other....

Here's the inside scoop.

True Hope. True Change

Time will tell if Obama can truly change America. I am betting that he won't nor does he. America's greatness has never been defined by what the government thinks or does. Our nation has found it strength in the fiber and souls of Americans, who under God's provision, carved out a new nation. That is still happening today.

Colossians 1:27 states that our hope is "Christ in you, the hope of glory." Psalm 62:5 adds that "find rest my soul in God alone; my hope comes from him."

America is being seduced. Hope and change come from the hand of God and not the pen of Barack Obama. To think else wise, endangers us.

Christian Americans need to be in prayer for our countrymen and the soul of America. We need to pray that our new leaders will be leaders who grip the hand of God.

Ready, Set It's Obama Time: Here's What We Will Get...

The mainstream media is getting set to coronate the messiah. The froth and lather is getting pretty deep already. To listen to some media talking heads, one would think that our savior has arrived.

Now, I am all for our nation flourishing under Barack Obama's wise leadership. The reality is is that Obama will be our president for the next 4 years. But, he is not our national savior.

Once the confetti and champagne stops flowing, the "Obama reality" will set in.

Here are my predictions for Obama. Again, I want America to flourish. But not in an ungodly way.

+Higher taxes. No matter how you slice it, Obama will have to raise taxes on someone to fulfill his promises. The likely targets: those evil "rich" Americans, who by the way create most of our jobs.

+Liberal activist judges. Our judicial system already is filled with jurists who believe that they are lawmakers. These appointments will be Obama's payoff to his liberal supporters. Look for judges who are anti-marriage, anti-gun, anti-American sovereignty and pro-government.

+More abortions. The abortion industry is salivating over Obama's election. Lingering just off the legislative main stage is a bill in Congress to eliminate state laws restricting abortions. Despite the rhetoric, more unborn babies will die during Obama's term.

+Active homosexuals in the military. One of Obama's first acts will be to issue an executive order lifting the current "don't ask, don't tell" ban on homosexuals in the military. The current ban is a Clinton-era relic which allowed gays to serve as long as they were private in their lifestyle. The new policy: homosexuals will be able to openly serve in our military. Obama will get a lot points from the troops for this one.

+More government spending and regulations. Look out "big oil." Large American companies may be taxed out of business once the enviro anti-capitalist crowd gets their hands on power. In will come all sorts of new government programs which will create dependency and a lackluster economy.

+Grave threats from overseas. Hillary Clinton's appointment to Secretary of State gives me chills. Watch to see if Bill is traveling with her on our overseas jaunts. This is the same crowd whose foreign policies set the table for 9/11; who gave away sensitive national secrets to the Chinese for campaign donations, etc., etc., etc. Someone will test Obama in the first 6 months to see if he blinks. I'm betting that he does.

+Finally, lot's of flowery rhetoric. This is Obama's greatest skill and it masks his lack of experience. The meida can't wait to have this slick, silver-tongued, "GQ" president. They cannot get rid of old Bush fast enought. Take away the tele-prompter and the suit may be empty.

America will succeed with presidential convictions and substance. My hope is that Obama will find them.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Homeschooling Revolution Goes Boom!

Way to go homeschoolers!

A new report from the Department of Education's National Center for Statistics says that homeschooling is growing so quickly that it can hardly be called an exception to the educational rule. Since 1999, the number of students taught at home has increased by a whopping 75 percent! As the population of homeschoolers swells, so too do the positive results. According to the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI), homeschoolers continue to earn higher marks than their public school peers. Dr. Brian Ray of NHERI found that on average, children who learn at home score at least 15 percent higher-and in some instances 30 percent higher-than the K-12 public school average. But academic achievement isn't the only reason families favor homeschooling. The most popular motive for educating children at home, according to the DOE's survey, was concern for the negative influence of public school. Eighty-three percent of parents also cited "a desire to provide religious or moral instruction."

As a homeschooling parent myself, I understand the desire to give children an environment that affirms traditional values. The government has eliminated God from the classroom and too often replaced Him with an anti-life, anti-family curriculum that misses life's deepest meaning. Also, more and more parents are finding that homeschooling better suits the educational needs of their children. It's low-cost, time-efficient, flexible, and conducive to creativity.

Here's the link to the entire story.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

History Will Vindicate George Bush


By a coincidence of history, Americans will pause to honor our most revered president just a matter of days after one of our most reviled president’s leaves office. George W. Bush leaves the White House on Jan. 20. On Feb. 12, we’ll mark the bicentenary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth.

When removed from the presidency by assassination in 1865, Lincoln was extremely unpopular. Hated in the South for his war policies, he was also hated in the North for his openness towards reconciliation with the nearly defeated confederacy. Most Americans blamed him for the war and economic ruin America would face in its aftermath. His death to some of his critics was good riddance. He was a war-time president, ungainly in looks and speech. He was routinely mocked in the media of that time for his steadfastness and convictions. If today’s media and their presidential polls existed in the 19th century, Lincoln’s approval ratings would have mirrored George W. Bush numbers.

George Bush lacks sizzle and style points. If he was a college football coach, his team would never set foot in the BCS (bowl championship series) title game. Frankly, he is boring to most 21st century Americans. He sleeps with the same woman every night. He is not an eloquent extemporaneous communicator. He holds to a conservative faith. And he believes in the antiquated notion that America is still the best beacon of hope and freedom in the world. To our liberal friends, he is a failure. Liberals have made the slogan “Bush failed” into a cottage industry. Almost with unanimity, liberal Americans (and those who agree with this ideology) have used the “hate Bush” mantra as their marching order, denigrating the successes of this President and catapulting one of their own, Barack Obama into the White House. Their hatred of Bush’s policies has blinded them to what has truly been achieved.

But 50 years from now, when a new generation of historians measure the presidency of George W. Bush, a different summary may well be written. For those Americans who have forgotten the good things about Bush, here is a quick refresher: the American homeland has not been attacked again since 9/11. George Bush has kept our soil safe. You may disagree with how it’s been accomplished (Gitmo and water boarding or national surveillance) but, our terrorist enemies have been foiled to date. Second, this President’s policies have planted the seed of democracy in the heart of the Arab world. Whether Iraq or Afghanistan become Muslim democracies like Turkey remains to be seen. But, the prospect of legitimate freedom is inspiring to millions of Muslims. Finally, this president’s innovative faith-based initiatives have formed new partnerships throughout our nation, serving many needy Americans. While style and sizzle may permeate our celebrity culture, genuine substance and conviction still matters most when it comes to true lasting presidential leadership.

Today, nearly 150 years later, most Americans tout the conviction and leadership of Abraham Lincoln. What they may not know is that Lincoln was hotly despised and demised by most of his generation. Yet that criticism has melted away with time leaving a monument of admiration to his conviction of beliefs. History may well judge George Bush in a similar fashion.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Dealing with Power and Influence in 2009

In two weeks, a new President will take the oath of office. Regardless of your vote, our nation will confer high power and influence on to Barack Obama. Time will tell whether Mr. Obama will be able to wear these shoes or not. But, over time, many aspiring leaders have fallen upon the sword of power, washed away by its seductive promises.

The Old Testament records a great story of a powerful Jew who rose to become the cup bearer for a powerful Persian king...His name was Nehemiah...

In the Fifth century B.C., a royal cup-bearer to the Persian King Artaxerxes, arrived in the derelict and neglected city of Jerusalem. This powerful man had been tasked to rebuild the city’s shattered walls and to revive its civic virtues after 150 years of neglect and the Jewish exile. This man was a God-believing Jew named Nehemiah. He brought with him to Jerusalem a strong military escort, letters of authorization and a declaration of governorship from the most powerful man in the world. With it came the king’s authority to mobilize and command whatever resources he needed professionally or personally.

Yet, humbly he tacked a different course. In an age where the elite and privilege classes enjoyed unparalleled patronage, Nehemiah sought to simply follow God’s direction and restore God’s city. Over and over again, he refused his rightful privileges as governor and led by example the laborious task of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, overturning unethical and unjust social practices and assuaging the spiritual thirst of his fellow Jews

Power is to the soul what rust is to metal- it will corrode without continual maintenance. Scripture tells us that the antidote to “power corruption” is humility, an abundant character trait of Nehemiah. Likely, Nehemiah was a humble man before he ascended to his powerful role in the Persian court. He would have been familiar with this famous proverb -“The fear of the Lord teaches a man wisdom, and humility comes before honor” (Prov. 15:33).
The practice of humility worked for Nehemiah and it still works today.

As a new year dawns, how will you handle temporary power and influence in your world? Do others know you as a humble person who is seeking the betterment of others or do they know you as a self-centered person absorbed in what's best for you?