Monday, January 19, 2009

Ready, Set It's Obama Time: Here's What We Will Get...

The mainstream media is getting set to coronate the messiah. The froth and lather is getting pretty deep already. To listen to some media talking heads, one would think that our savior has arrived.

Now, I am all for our nation flourishing under Barack Obama's wise leadership. The reality is is that Obama will be our president for the next 4 years. But, he is not our national savior.

Once the confetti and champagne stops flowing, the "Obama reality" will set in.

Here are my predictions for Obama. Again, I want America to flourish. But not in an ungodly way.

+Higher taxes. No matter how you slice it, Obama will have to raise taxes on someone to fulfill his promises. The likely targets: those evil "rich" Americans, who by the way create most of our jobs.

+Liberal activist judges. Our judicial system already is filled with jurists who believe that they are lawmakers. These appointments will be Obama's payoff to his liberal supporters. Look for judges who are anti-marriage, anti-gun, anti-American sovereignty and pro-government.

+More abortions. The abortion industry is salivating over Obama's election. Lingering just off the legislative main stage is a bill in Congress to eliminate state laws restricting abortions. Despite the rhetoric, more unborn babies will die during Obama's term.

+Active homosexuals in the military. One of Obama's first acts will be to issue an executive order lifting the current "don't ask, don't tell" ban on homosexuals in the military. The current ban is a Clinton-era relic which allowed gays to serve as long as they were private in their lifestyle. The new policy: homosexuals will be able to openly serve in our military. Obama will get a lot points from the troops for this one.

+More government spending and regulations. Look out "big oil." Large American companies may be taxed out of business once the enviro anti-capitalist crowd gets their hands on power. In will come all sorts of new government programs which will create dependency and a lackluster economy.

+Grave threats from overseas. Hillary Clinton's appointment to Secretary of State gives me chills. Watch to see if Bill is traveling with her on our overseas jaunts. This is the same crowd whose foreign policies set the table for 9/11; who gave away sensitive national secrets to the Chinese for campaign donations, etc., etc., etc. Someone will test Obama in the first 6 months to see if he blinks. I'm betting that he does.

+Finally, lot's of flowery rhetoric. This is Obama's greatest skill and it masks his lack of experience. The meida can't wait to have this slick, silver-tongued, "GQ" president. They cannot get rid of old Bush fast enought. Take away the tele-prompter and the suit may be empty.

America will succeed with presidential convictions and substance. My hope is that Obama will find them.

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