Thursday, January 29, 2009

Feeding the Pig-Why this Stimulus Bill Hurts Families

The "pig" is oinking! The porker that I am referring to is our government and its increasing demand for your money.

Everyone knows that our economy is in tough shape right now but the current "stimulus" plan by President Obama is a porker!

Rep. Mike Pence, one of the brightest and smartest conservatives in Congress, hit the nail on the head yesterday: "Democrats have offered a purely partisan bill that does not incorporate bipartisan recommendations. The American people know that the president's call for a compromise has been completely ignored by House Democrats who would use a time of national economic crisis to fund their big government priorities under the guise of stimulating the economy."

Obama has a fire on his flank in Congress. While the President talks a good game of cooperation, his buddies in Congress are on the warpath.

Conservative, pro-life, pro-family Americans (which is the majority) must be cautious right now. Don't be fooled and buy into feeding the pig!

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Anonymous said...

Right on target! Oink! Oink!