Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Disaster for America

The latest news out of Washington, DC is that the Democrat-led US Senate is poised to vote in the affirmative for Obama Care.

It will be a disaster for our nation and for families in Colorado.

Here are a couple of reasons:

-You will be forced to buy health insurance or face severe IRS penalities.

-Your taxes and costs will increase. The simple economic fact is that as businesses are saddled with increased government taxes for health care, they will pass on the cost to you. By the way, your taxes are going to increase too.

-For your tax "investment" you will ultimately receive a dubious product. Its so clandestine that the full scope of this new program remains in the dark for average citizens to review. This is bad news.

My summation is not based on right or left, Republican versus Democrat but on its cost to our nation. If this passes we will rue the day our leaders did this.

Two responses. First, our elected leaders are ignoring the will of their constituents. In every state, the polls show that Americans get it and that this deal is a bad one. Thus, every US senator who votes for it needs to be out of office in their next election cycle. Second, contact your US Senator now.

Here is the list.

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