Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Common Sense Colorado Solution to Health Care

This story makes sense.

We need some sense right now regarding the health care debate and practical solutions. While our political leaders fight in D.C. about Obama care, Coloradans are enjoying new health care options in local Walmart stores or other storefronts.

Here is an encouraging story about the burgeoning growth of health care clinics in retail store outlets here in Colorado.

Increasingly, retail store health clinics (found in many Walmarts and Walgreen's) are offering low cost services which fill one of the major gaps in our current health care system.

The gap- access to reasonable pay as you go primary health care, like shots, care for broken bones, fever, etc.

Our political leaders need to take note. It shows American ingenuity and innovation without government interference.

What I like even more about these services is that the government has no role in them. Let free market entrepreneur's establish these services where customers receive quality care and a reasonable profit can be made.

The winners: Colorado families.

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