Friday, September 25, 2009

Colorado Republicans Claim They Are Back-We'll See...See My Checklist!

We will see if Colorado "R's" are back.

Colorado Republicans have taken their lumps over the last three election cycles. But, according to insiders, a fresh wind of hope, direction and palatable ideas are re-invigorating the GOP.

From my angle, I hope so. But, to make dreams become a reality, there is a short checklist that should be discussed before any victory laps:

-Money. Colorado Dems have a seemingly un-ending stream of money from a dedicated core of big-monied sympathizers. Unless the Republicans can trump the money gusher with superior candidates and ideas, they will be outspent and lose.

-On message. The "R's" have lacked a palatable statewide message on key issues like health care, taxes, jobs, education, transportation, etc. I think you get the picture. To their credit, good folks like State Senator Mike Kopp and others have tried to get the party apparatus on the same page saying the same thing. But, its not gained traction yet. No message equals no wins in 2010.

-Unity. There's an old Colorado proverb that goes like this- there are four parties in Colorado: Democrats, Independents, Liberal Republicans and Conservative Republicans. The bottom line is this: the Focus on the Family "R's" must make peace with the liberal and libertarian "R's" and decide that they do have common ground. Dems have exploited this breach for years, playing both sides off each other.

-Independents. They are now the majority party in Colorado. To win, the "R's" must address their concerns which are: health care, good jobs, the environment, education and fiscal restraint. If your ideas don't play here there will not be wins in 210.

2010 could be the year of the return of conservatism in Colorado. But it will only be carried in by a unified, on message Republican party...

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penknife101 said...

Our country is off track and we're losing freedoms at an alarming rate. So I looked around for someone who was running in the next election that might help us turn this around.

I found a good candidate, Cleve Tidwell, who is running against US Senator Michael Bennet, who is in lock-step with all those voting for these big bailout bills.

Cleve is not a lawyer or a career politician. He's a proven, successful businessman who understands sound financial principals -- which are the opposite of what is going on in DC now.

Take a minute to check him out at

If in November 2010, people in EVERY state replace just one tax-raising freedom-tossing politician, we could see things turn around quickly.

-Dusty Foster, Colorado