Monday, August 17, 2009

Teach the Bible in Public Schools? We Use To...

Most Americans don't remember that the Bible used to be the prima-learning text for all American school children.

Historically, biblical teachings have formed the core bedrock of our nation's heritage. A study by the American Political Science Review on the political documents of the founding era, which was from 1760-1805, discovered that 94 percent of the period's documents were based on the Bible, with 34 percent of the contents being direct citations from the Bible. The Scripture was the bedrock and blueprint of our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, academic arenas and heritage until the last quarter of a century.

Today's USA TODAY offers a reasonable discussion on resurrecting the Bible as a source of literature and history for the public classroom.

I like the idea. Here are a couple of compelling reasons to bring back the Bible:

1-The Bible's timeless message pushes back the hopelessness of secularism. From a simple historical perspective, understanding the Bible's influence in the foundations of America is very important.
2-Having a versatile knowledge of the biblical themes and words aids students, particularly in understanding other great literary works such as Shakespeare, Milton, Wordsworth and Sidney.
3-Finally, research repeatedly shows that regular church attendance positively affects students and their academic performances.

Your thoughts?

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