Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pastors, Are You Paying Attention?

Recent lawmaking in New Hampshire should send a chill down your spine if you are a pastor.

As you probably know, gay marriage is sweeping the Northeast states of our nation. However, this misguided process took a dark turn earlier this week in New Hampshire. The state legislature okayed a bill legalizing homosexual marriage and sent it to Governor John Lynch for approval. Surprisingly, Lynch sent it back instructing the legislature to include a provision for clergy who did not want to marry homosexual couples.

Guess what happened? State legislators voted against the Governor's recommendation for clergy protections.

If you are a pastor, I hope you understand the toxic winds of our culture. In Canada, if you use your pulpit to declare that homosexuality is a sin, you could be prosecuted for a hate crime. This same concept is just around the corner in America.

Homosexual activists will not be content to just get "married." They want to force you to perform the ceremony.

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