Friday, June 29, 2007

Colorado's Sinking Marriage Culture

Boy, I hate bad news. But, recent statistics from Colorado's Department of Public Health and the Environment paint a cloudy picture of our state's marriage culture. Colorado has a low marriage rate (and dropping) of 7.4 per thousand; a divorce rate of nearly 50 percent and a booming cohabitation trend.

You may ask why anyone should care (a common sentiment from our libertarian friends)? A fair enough question particularly if you are coming from the view that people's private conduct (and relationships) is no one's business. As we have all heard the worn out excuse which sounds something like this-"what one does in private has no bearing on their public demeanor."

Well, that comment is simply that- a poorly thought our excuse for poor behavior. Most baby boomers have rebelled against the notion of cause and effect. For example, it you light a match and put your finger in it, you will get burned. Or, if you nose-dive off a building you will hit the ground....

But what we do in private has much bearing on the greater culture which surrounds us. These marriage and divorce numbers paint a grim future not only for the adults involved but their children. And these trends also indoctrinate a new generation who will see marriage as only one of many equal adult relationships...

Your thoughts?

Thinking About 'Evan Almighty'

Touted by some media commentators as a great summer comedy, Evan Almighty is a dud.

I will spare you the pain of having to set through this movie to know the plot- here it is in a nutshell.

God (played by Morgan Freeman)tells anchorman-turned congressman Evan to leave everything behind a build an ark. This modern-day Noah's mission is to save all of the earth's animals. Sound vaguely familiar? Well, its at that point that this sequel-story line goes down hill with a major divergence from the original.

Most critics are giving this klunker 1 star and maybe, generously another half-star for sympathy.

I am not Siskel and Ebert, but I know a stinker when I see one. Spare your family and kids this one. Go rent a good movie like Facing the Giants....

Monday, June 25, 2007

Fathers Becoming Dads...

Its not hard to father a child. But its a lot tougher to be a dad to a child...

There is no quicker way to break down a community than to allow men to be fathers but then absolve them of any responsibility to be a dad.

Here's a great story about a new wave of fathers becoming dads...

I am cheering for all of us dads who believe that household labor is good for the male soul!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Having A Good Name

When you ask someone "what's most important to you?", you can expect a lot of different answers. Some will respond with wanting "things"-cars, houses or more money. Others wish for good health, long life or happiness...

But here's a thought- how about a good name? Can you imagine standing before all of your friends, business colleagues and family and asking all of them if there are any debts, grudges or issues any of them have with you? Wow, I shudder at what my group might say to me.

The Old Testament prophet Samuel gathered the entire nation of Israel together at the end of his life and asked them to bring forth any complaints they had towards him. Not a soul stood forth (1 Sam. 12:3-5)!

Here's my point. A good name is priceless. You can't buy it. It comes with a heart that is right before God.

Each of us have been given "land" by God. Its your sphere of influence. Do the people in your sphere see you as having a good name?

Friday, June 15, 2007

Thanks Dad

My dad died on July 5, 2003. I knew he was sick, but I really never thought he could or would die. He was a superman in my eyes. Of course, a 74 year old man with diabetes, nearly blind with heart fibrillation has little hope. But still, he was my dad. I remember him not as the frail old man but the 45 year old school teacher, naval officer who could still run me down if I dared challenge him...He took me to church too. And every summer, he and my mom would pack up our station wagon and our family would embark on three great weeks of camping somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Even though he was never eloquent about God or Christianity, he lived it. My dad was from that generation that never said much from their soul. They showed their love by working hard, being home most nights, loving my mom and paying for most of my college education. He was no sentimental fool. He loved USC football (unfortunately he missed the championships), collecting stamps and traveling all over the world.

The last time I saw him, he held my arm and wobbled into the care house he was staying at. I will never forget him.

Rest in peace.

Thanks Dad.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Colorado Right to Life Gets the National Boot

Colorado Right to Life is no more, at least from the viewpoint of the National Right to Life. Several weeks ago, Colorado Right to Life (CRTL) took out newspaper ads criticizing Focus on the Family founder James Dobson. Here's the story.

From our view, CRTL has always been strong on principle but unwise in their "public sense." Their latest capstone (and headstone) was their criticism of Dr. Dobson. Their recent salvo is nothing new. CRTL has historically burned many bridges with friends and potential allies in Colorado's fight for Life.

RMFC applauds the birth of a new principled pro-life group in Colorado headed by Pat Miller. Pat Miller will bring strong principles plus a winsome approach to the public square.

This is the right move for life in Colorado.

Fighting Through Fear

Here's something different. I think many of us can relate to it- fear. I battle fear every day. For most of us its a normal human emotion. But, it can severly cripple a Christian too.

Scripture tells us to fear God only (Deut. 6:13 et al). This "fear" can be synonimously described as respect, love or obedience. As Christians we are to only fear God but to use it as a catapault towards a loving heavenly father.

Unfortunately, Satan twists this godly. The Devil wants believers to not only lose their fear of God but to become fearful of life itself. His aim is to infect believers with fears of this life, changing their focus from God on to themselves. Fear of anything other than God leads one into selfishness.

The next time something comes through your life which causes fear, step back determine the source. Chances are that its not from God. Your human fears do not originate with our Heavenly Father but conduit their way into our lives by the Devil.