Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Having A Good Name

When you ask someone "what's most important to you?", you can expect a lot of different answers. Some will respond with wanting "things"-cars, houses or more money. Others wish for good health, long life or happiness...

But here's a thought- how about a good name? Can you imagine standing before all of your friends, business colleagues and family and asking all of them if there are any debts, grudges or issues any of them have with you? Wow, I shudder at what my group might say to me.

The Old Testament prophet Samuel gathered the entire nation of Israel together at the end of his life and asked them to bring forth any complaints they had towards him. Not a soul stood forth (1 Sam. 12:3-5)!

Here's my point. A good name is priceless. You can't buy it. It comes with a heart that is right before God.

Each of us have been given "land" by God. Its your sphere of influence. Do the people in your sphere see you as having a good name?

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