Friday, June 29, 2007

Colorado's Sinking Marriage Culture

Boy, I hate bad news. But, recent statistics from Colorado's Department of Public Health and the Environment paint a cloudy picture of our state's marriage culture. Colorado has a low marriage rate (and dropping) of 7.4 per thousand; a divorce rate of nearly 50 percent and a booming cohabitation trend.

You may ask why anyone should care (a common sentiment from our libertarian friends)? A fair enough question particularly if you are coming from the view that people's private conduct (and relationships) is no one's business. As we have all heard the worn out excuse which sounds something like this-"what one does in private has no bearing on their public demeanor."

Well, that comment is simply that- a poorly thought our excuse for poor behavior. Most baby boomers have rebelled against the notion of cause and effect. For example, it you light a match and put your finger in it, you will get burned. Or, if you nose-dive off a building you will hit the ground....

But what we do in private has much bearing on the greater culture which surrounds us. These marriage and divorce numbers paint a grim future not only for the adults involved but their children. And these trends also indoctrinate a new generation who will see marriage as only one of many equal adult relationships...

Your thoughts?

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