Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Understanding Tragedy

Tragedies happen.

I know that this fact fails to soothe the afflicted. But inevitably, when tragedy occurs, and particularly when it appears random and vicious, people always ask the "question"- WHY WOULD GOD ALLOW SUCH THINGS TO HAPPEN?

For centuries, people of faith have tried to answer this profound and difficult question. I am not sure if any of their answers really scratch the itch.

Matthew Murray, the latest perpetrator of violence, came from a good home. Most of the reports paint this kid as one you would expect to succeed. No one expected him to be on the trigger hand of a weapon, killing people in cold blood...He too is part of this tragedy.

We live in a fallen world, filled with evil people. Its a result of human sin. God can and does intervene in our world. Christmas is such a reminder of His greatest intervention. Yet, there are many times when God does not intervene as we think He should or could. To this, there is no answer.

All I know is that scripture teaches that God is the Lord of the universe. Yet, in that role He is very personal. If allowed, He will fill this terrible void and good will come out of the wreckage of Sunday's events...

Your thoughts?

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