Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"Me, I Still Believe in a Loving God..."

Like many Coloradans, I am still trying to make sense of the church killings on Sunday. In times like this, we all wonder how these things fit into God's plan.

Matthew Murray was a troubled soul who satiated himself on hating Christians. But this is just the cover for a far deeper problem. Here's what Murray penned before his rampage:

"Me, I still believe in a loving God, but not the christian god who is full of hate.."

Scary thoughts from a kid who then went out and killed people in cold blood.

There are many angles to the Colorado church tragedy. But a key one that is just starting to get some discussion is the apparent connection that Matthew Murray had with the writing of the dead Columbine murderer Eric Harris.

Today's edition of the Denver Post offers a solution.

In retrospect, releasing all of the Columbine tapes and letters might have defused the mystery around the writings of Klebold and Harris. Possibly.

But, the deeper issue here for all Colorado adults is the toxicity of our culture and what it is doing to our kids. Murray's comments about a "hateful christian god" offers a peek into a troubled soul.

Obviously, his soul tipped the wrong way.

Your thoughts?

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