Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Democrats Roll Back Colorado Tax Exemptions

The Massachusetts Miracle message has not resonated yet with Colorado's Democratic state leaders.

The message: less government spending, lower taxes and reduced deficits.

On Monday, Democrat-led state house of representives rolled back a bucket full of tax breaks for Colorado businesses.

I guess denial is a form of bliss.

According to the Speaker of the House, Terrance Carroll (D-Denver), "We're asking big business to pay their fair share so that we don't have to keep balancing the budget on the backs of teachers, police officers and firefighters, senior citizens and the neediest who depend on our safety net," said House Speaker Terrance Carroll, D-Denver. "It's only been the GOP and their special-interest cronies who have been complaining because we're rolling back corporate welfare and special-interest tax loopholes

Here is the reality check for Representative Carroll and his Democratic cronies- reduce tax exemptions for businesses and those that can leave the state will. These companies will not pay more taxes. Rumor has it that Utah is eagerly courting Colorado businesses.

Reality check number two is that businesses hit by these exemption roll backs will cut production, reduce jobs and pass increased tax costs to the consumer.

Again, liberal ideology does not translate into effective governance. Perhaps, we need a Massachusetts Miracle here in Colorado.

To read more, visit the Denver Post article here.

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