Monday, January 04, 2010

Five 2010 Predictions

Happy New Year!

How many resolutions did you make for 2010 and have already broken?

2010 will be an interesting year on many fronts. Here are a couple of predictions:

-The Great Health care debate will continue. Despite the Great Nebraska "Payoff", John Q. Public is white-hot with anger. There will be a price at the voting box in November for our political leaders disregard of their constituents will.

-The war in Afghanistan will grind on. More troops will not solve this thorny problem. It will take years to turn around one of the most backward nation's in the world. I doubt we have the national will and patience to absorb the cost.

-The American economy will continue to struggle and be shackled under a heavy load of government taxes and regulations. Most Americans are still capitalists, though they may not know it. At least, we have all benefited to some degree under our free market economy. Under Obama, it will become an endangered species.

-There will be a tax revolt at some point, maybe not in 2010, but the seeds are being sown right now. The Bush tax breaks which have benefited many Americans sunset this year. In the future,. Americans will have higher taxes and less money to pay them.

-Obama, congressional and local elected Democrats will pay a price this fall. American voters are angry right now. The HOPE and CHANGE many of them though they were getting never showed up. Democrats will be big losers in the November election.

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