Friday, March 27, 2009

Why Colorado Senate Bill 88 Is A Bad Idea

Health care is not a civil right. The "list" of civil rights are based on immutability, in essence those personal characteristics which cannot be changed: eye-color, gender, height and ethnicity. Martin Luther King advocated that civil rights embraced concepts such as liberty, freedom of expression, freedom of worship, freedom of speech, economic prosperity for all. Our nation's founders would agree.

The latest Colorado advent of "civil rights" for homosexuals is encapsulated in Senate Bill 88 which is working its way to Governor Ritter's desk. Here's its synopsis:

For state employee group benefit plans issued or renewed on or
after July 1, 2010, adds a state employee's domestic partner to the list of
dependents eligible for coverage under state employee group benefit
plans. Defines "domestic partner" for purposes of qualifying as the
dependent of a state employee.

Here are several problems:

-This new law will cost a lot of money for a small group of folks. Budget experts estimate that taxpayers will be charged nearly $120,000 in its first year of implementation in 2011. I don't want my tax dollars ensuring this high-risk community.

-In 2006, Colorado voters overwhelmingly defeated Referendum I. This referendum would have given homosexuals these same benefits. By legislative fiat, homosexuals and their Democratic legislative allies are trying to accomplish this despite the will of voters.

If passed, expect this same cabal to attempt to force this concept in the Colorado private business community in 2010.

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