Monday, November 03, 2008

Voting for Your Family

Its the economy, stupid? Yes, but sadly so. Unfortunately, many Americans pay little attention unless something takes a bite out of their wallet.

This election will have consequences for the glue of our culture. While economics are important, vital issues like life, marriage, euthanasia, stem cell research, religious freedom, etc., will be shaped by the presidential winner. Their philosophies in these areas and their appointment of judges will set a course for America's culture for the next decade or more.

Where do McCain and Obama land on these issues? Here are our predictions.

1- Judges. The next president will likely appoint two if not three U.S. Supreme Court Justices plus scores of lesser judges. Their decisions on key issues will impact this country for 50-100 years. Obama will appoint leftist activist jurists, who will find and uphold rights expanding abortion on demand, homosexual marriage and hate crimes. Additionally, Obama appointees will rule with the view that the Constitution is a living document, easily changed by the issues of the time. McCain appointees will be more akin to Chief Justice John Roberts; generally conservative and religiously sensitive. His appointees will lean more towards strict interpretation of the Constitution versus activist jurists that Obama would appoint. Obama, as most liberals, sees the court as a prime tool to enact social change. McCain sees the court as protectors of tradition and conservative values.

2- Marriage. The definition of marriage battle continues to rage nation-wide. The good news for pro-marriage supporters is that the traditional definition of marriage is winning in most states. Unfortunately though, the ultimate firewall failed-Congress during the Bush year's was unable to ignite a U.S. Constitutional Amendment. McCain has always supported traditional marriage. However, he is not a supporter of a U.S. Constitutional Amendment, deferring that decision to the states. Obama, on the other hand, wants it both ways-support homosexual marriage and traditional marriage. Oil and water don't mix though. McCain will be supportive of citizen-led attempts to strengthen traditional marriage and to push back alternative relationships. An Obama presidency will mean an uphill fight for pro-marriage forces.

3-Life. There is a stark difference on this issue. Simply, Obama sports one of the most radical abortion records in Congress. McCain has been reliably pro-life. Factoid: More babies will die under an Obama presidency while more will live under McCain. Obama has also announced that his first act will be to sign FOCA, the Freedom of Choice Act, which will sweep away many current state regulations which regulate abortion practices.

4-Religion in the public square. Obama and his secularist allies will work to expunge and marginalize conservative Christians from the public square. These believers will be seen as too radical, intolerant, bigoted and judgemental. On the other hand, McCain will likely continue the federal government's growing partnership of faith based initiatives, started by President Bush.

The soul of America will be shaped by our vote. What will America decide?

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