Monday, May 19, 2008

FRC Hits Nail on Head about Calif Gay Marriage

My good friend Tony Perkins from the Family Research Council in Washington, DC, hits the nail on the head regarding recent court action last week on gay marriage.

Read his article here.

Eight years ago, California voters overwhelmingly (61 percent) approved a law defining marriage
between one man and one woman. Known as the California Defense of Marriage Act, California voters sent a clear message about their intent. Obviously, the California State Supreme Court didn't get the message.

Fortunately, relief from this outrageous decision may come this fall in California. A major grass root effort to place a constitutional referendum on the November ballot for California voters on the definition of marriage is gaining steam.

Last week's court decision throws mud in the face of California voters.

Your thoughts?

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Don Diltz said...

I'm trying to figure out how to have a dialogue with people who feel so strongly that gay folks should not have the right to marry.

I don't understand why you think 2 loving people coming together with a commitment of their love for one another in the uniquely celebratory and iconic form of marriage, should impact you in a negative way. what harm does it do to you for 2 people to love one another and to have that love celebrated in a societal way?

I would really love to have a contact in the San Francisco Peninsula with whom I could have some deep conversations on this topic. Do you have any recommendations on a representative of your organization here that I might talk to?