Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Pulpit and the Culture Intersection

More and more, pastors are asked or are pressured to preach "on the culture." For some pastors, this is dangerous turf fraught with landmines. For others, it is as natural as breathing.

From my view, there is a balance point.

At issue for most pastors who preach regularly is a reasonable balance. Many pastors do not see themselves as political advocates or operatives. More often than not, they see their ministry as being above the political fray.

In 2008, politics are front and center for many parishioners. Pastors are in a unique position to influence the hearts and minds of voters towards Kingdom perspectives.

While Scripture is not an inherently political document, there are verses that guide believers and their interactions with rulers and the government. For example-Romans 13:1-7 and Luke 20:25 to name a few.

These need to be preached on.

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