Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Curse of Immodesty

This one may get me in trouble with a whole lot of women, but I have had enough of it!

Let me preface my comments by saying that I am the father of one and nearly another one. But, today was the last straw.

As a colleague and I were having lunch in the local Chipotle, in walked examples "a, b and c." Let me give you the profile: 1- teenage girls; 2- age 14 to 16; 3-immodestly dressed (defined as painted on clothing with more private parts showing than not); and 4, clueless to their standing.

A generation ago, examples a, b and c would have been given a t-shirt by the restaurant owner and their parents would have been called. Today, this is the norm!

As a father of a teenage girl, I am appalled. I would no more allow my daughter to dress this way than I would become an astronaut! Where are our parents, and in particular the parents of these girls?

The answer- likely, either their moms don't care or they dress and act as they do.

Your thoughts?

Sex and Christian Teenagers

Are you feeling smug about your "Christian" teens sexuality? Read on...

Several weeks ago, WORLD magazine writer Gene Edward Vieth, hit a subject that should worry all of us who care about our kid's sexuality.

Its a great piece titled "Sex and the evangelical teen."It is a must read.

Vieth hits the nail on the head. "Churches used to teach and exempplify self-control, the necessity of keeping one's emotions in check, the discipline of self-denial and mortification of the flesh." He adds that today's church "cultivates letting go, emotionalism, self-fulfillment, and an odd religious sensuality."

Bingo. But I would add one other piece. Parents are charged to raise their kids and teach them purity and sexual wholeness. The fact that "Christian" teens may be more immoral than non-Christians is awful and it should serve as a wake up call to all of us parents of teenagers.

Your thoughts?