Friday, November 30, 2007

Family Tragedy

Today's (Friday 11-30) edition of the Rocky Mtn News carries pictures of the Cisneros family tragedy. There are a couple of images that I want you to notice...Look at the kid with the joint in her mouth. Or how about Dad's picture pointing a handgun into the camera?

Most of us are aware of the ongoing saga of now-deceased 10 year old Aurilia Cisneros and her family. I for one am outraged. Its one thing for clueless teenagers to be in gangs. But it is quite another thing for parents to be playing the same game.

This story is the face of tragedy. Not only for Aurilia, but for her clueless family. Any way you slice it, "gangsta life" has one ending- death or jail.

Applause is due to Denver's Department of Human Services who have launched an investigation. My question would be this: are there other endangered children in this family?

I have another idea. How about removing any other kids from this troubled family?

Your thoughts...

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