Tuesday, October 16, 2007

God's Harvard and the Skepticism of Scularlism

Throughout the history of our blog, we have occasionally touched upon the issue of secularism and its pervasive growth in our culture.

I want to come back to this issue today, framed in the context of a new book by Hanna Rosin, God's Harvard: A Christian College on a Mission to Save America.

A Christian college on a mission. Wow, is that ever politically incorrect. For some it sounds like the Crusades all over again. Today's secularists scoff at such a narrow minded notion. They see it as uninformed lacking any intellectual or rational basis. You can feel the skepticism of Hann Rosin seeping off the pages of her book.
But, little do they know but most of America's prominent colleges and universities (even Yale and Harvard) at one time in their hallowed histories espoused such a mission. In their early years, both Harvard and Yale were renowned schools for producing pastors!

Most secularists, like the author of this book Hanna Rosin, know no better. Their world view is shaped by a far different perspective.

If anything is true, we are to remind ourselves as believers, that we live in a culture that increasingly does not share our values and principles.

Your thoughts?

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