Saturday, July 17, 2010

Punt McInnis and Maes

If the Republicans want to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory this fall, then run either Scott McInnis or Dan Maes. They will get creamed. Neither man is competent for the job.

Seldom do we get into the business of individual politics but this year, much is riding on whom will sit in the Governor's chair in January of 2011.

With quirky John Hickenlooper, the Democrat mayor of Denver, we know what we will get from him and his liberal minions: more of the same business-wrecking, government growing statism.

Surveys of Coloradans of all political stripes reveal a desire for a return to fiscal conservatism, pro-job growth policies and limited government.

Perhaps either Ken Buck or Jane Norton should tack a different course and run for Governor.

Tea Party Racists? Bogus...

It's started.

With a turn of the calendar into July, 3 months before a swing election, lefties have begun their normal subterfuge of bogus allegations of conservatives.

The latest is charges of "racism" amidst Tea Party elements.

Here's the story.

The author is uber-liberal Washington Post editorialist E.J. Dionne, who seems to have slipped a few cogs with this article.

Are there racists in the Tea Party. Probably. Are there racists among the lefties, yup.

Move on.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No More Spending Obama

One of the hallmarks of Keynesian economics is that deficit spending promotes sustainable growth.

It does not work. History has proven it so.

Hooray to today's Denver Post op-ed which does get it. Here it is.

Even as Europeans move further and further away from this philosophy, Barack Obama remains a disciple of it.

The G20 conference in Toronto this weekend was an embarrassment for Americans. As European leaders gave Obama dismissive looks, Obama continued to make his flawed case for more deficit spending, money that America does not have. You see, Obama believes that government spending stimulates a private market economy and creates jobs. Mr. President, with all due respect, you must have been asleep during your college economics classes.

Here is a little inconvenient problem with this approach: when the government spends "money", it spends your tax dollars. As it takes money away from you, it lessens how much money you can spend on things like job creation, productivity, capital investments et al.

But our President and his star-crossed advisers refuse to get it.

November is only 5 months away.

Monday, June 07, 2010

New Laws for CO Medical Marijuana

We have commented much this year on Colorado's medicinal marijuana fiasco. Our view has always been that medicinal marijuana is a fraud and truely a front for the legalization of this drug.

We have also advocated for the repeal of the 2008 voter approved amendment. Perhaps that will happen in 2012.

When a majority of Coloradans voted for this measure in 2008, it was under the premise that a few Coloradans would have legal access to it for pain management purposes under a physician's supervision. Time has shown that premise to be false.

Yesterday, Governor Bill Ritter signed several laws that inject "regulations" upon medicinal marijuana and its use. These measures are mere tokens. Here is the story.

We have a marijuana problem in Colorado. Voter approved or not, there are now more medicinal marijuana outlets in the Denver metro area than Starbucks state wide!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Ted Haggard Returns to CO

He's back.

Here's the latest.

Five years ago or so, Haggard was forced to resign as pastor of the mega-church, New Life Fellowship in Colorado Springs.

Let's take Ted at his word that he has recovered from the inner demons which caused him to stumble the last time.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Defense of Marriage Act Targeted in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts attorney general asked a Federal judge to strike down the Federal Defense of Marriage Act. The Federal judge has not announced when he will rule.

Since 2004, nearly 15,000 homosexual couples have wed under Massachusetts judicial mandated gay marriage law, a law that was never voted on by the public.

The state's rational: The Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) interferes in the distribution of Medicaid and other "married" couples in Massachusetts.

The Federal DOMA puts the Obama administration between a rock and a hard spot. On the one hand, Obama is the most pro-homosexual rights President in US History. On the other, his administration will be forced to defend DOMA.

Being conflicted comes as the result of being on the wrong side of an issue with God and nature.

Wanted-Historic Americans

Our nation needs a new generation of lawmakers and leaders who believe in the historic American notion that our liberties and freedoms are only preserved by limited government.

We have lost our way on this issue. Barack Obama is the poster child of this confusion.

At his inauguration, Barack Obama promised change. That change includes multiculturalism eroding common American values, political correctness, record Federal debt, insecure borders, unreasonable Federal business regulation, constriction of religious values in the public square, ana an entitlement mentality.

They all need to be rejected.

We are a nation of immigrants for the most part, arriving on these shores from distant points around the globe. However, we have glued ourselves together to form the most remarkable society in the history of the world.

However, whether intentional or not, most young Americans are not being consistently taught the civil uniqueness of America; the founding ideas which under girded our nation's birth; and, the need for each generation to believe and agree and pursue American exceptionalism.

Instead, a murk has descended. From the White House to Congress to Main Street USA, more and more Americans no longer believe in what John F. Kennedy stated, "ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country." Instead, we are following the failed path of European socialist states and the rights of entitlement. Now the mantra is what will the government do for us.

The cure: a return to those values which birthed our nation. They are limited government, liberty and justice for all, economic opportunities with reasonable government regulation, low taxes, secure borders with a reasonable path to citizenship for immigrants, etc.

On top of it all, young Americans must be taught that their success is not based on what the government will do for them but upon the sweat of their own brow.

Finally, as a nation we need to embrace and acknowledge God. Our founders knew that a moral government relied upon the maintenance of private virtue anchored in faith in the Divine.

Monday, May 24, 2010

No to Federal Bailout of Teacher Unions

Here they come.

The next great bail out will be for teacher unions around the nation.

Below is an excellent article describing the $23 billion dollar federal bailout of public education systems around the nation.

Click here.

Deemed the "Keep Our Educators Working Hard Act" this bill would provide emergency funding for financially strapped school districts around the country.

Let me say first, I love teachers. I am married to one. Both of my parents and sister were and are public school teachers.

However, there are problems galore with this most recent bailout.

First, there is a small thing known as the current Federal budget deficit, which if left unchecked will destroy this nation. We cannot afford another bailout.

Second, this money is like heroin to an addict. A quick fix is not going to solve budgetary crisis' faced by many states. In fact, these monies likely will make things worse.

The bottom line is that cuts are needed in the public school systems. You cannot have something that you cannot pay for with dollars today (something that our politicians do not understand). These tough decisions have to be made now.

Finally, kids and public school systems will survive.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Arizona Temptation for Colorado

Don't do it.

Somewhere, someplace, Governor Bill Ritter is getting pressure from his leftist coalition to knuckle under and announce a state ban on everything Arizona.

That would be a bad move.

Even though California (aka as the American "Greece") has taken the misguided lead in this exercise of futility, Colorado should have no part in it.

Last weekend, I was in Arizona attending a conference. I bought meals, beverages and as much Arizona as I possibly could. All of the Arizonians I talked to support this law as a reasonable attempt to reel in a bad situation. Frankly, if the truth be known, this law will make little or no dent in the tsunami of illegal immigration. What it may do is fire up the Obama Administration to constructively look for bipartisan solutions.

While I am compassionate to the plight of illegal immigrants, I want the law enforced. I want these immigrants to do it legally and not sneak here in the dead of night. I want them to get in line and become either U.S. citizens or be a part of ta guest worker program.

Arizona has done what any state would do to protect its sovereignty. Phoenix alone has almost 500,000 illegals!

Resist the urge Mr. Governor and keep Colorado out of the boycott Arizona madness.